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Where garden becomes a vacation space

THE Chalet facility



Each chalet is assigned its own garden theme. Celebrate togetherness in the "Garden of Love" or in the "Garden of Romance". Discover Tuscan flair with olive trees, fountains and cypresses or dream in the Asian garden with bonsais, bamboo and the beautiful cherry blossom. Snack on berry bushes in the country garden from May to November or admire English-style garden design. Unusual handicraft accessories, but also modern garden architecture with stone settings invite you to marvel.

Step away from everyday life - the private gardens of the chalets either with a view of the forest or the garden lake invite you to let go. To slow down, either a private sauna, a hot tub or an open-air fire tub await you in each chalet garden. Admire the star constellations while taking a warm bath or relax with a sauna session. 

And your dog is also welcome! For each chalet category we offer one house with a fence. Your dog may move freely in your private chalet garden, romp around and enjoy the vacation in the garden with you. 


What all gardens have in common: they bloom, blossom and bloom - from March to November. The crystal clear garden lake is the heart of the complex, in the middle of the chalets and accessible separately from each garden, the sparkling water surface extends over approx. 3,400 m² in two levels, connected with a small waterfall. Look forward to a natural bathing pleasure in summer, feel the relaxation while watching the sparkling water, the change of nature in spring and autumn and the silence in winter.

In the middle of the garden lake there is an island with a Gondola® cradle lounger. Here you can retreat and unwind.  

The natural forest invites you to feel, breathe and experience. With old oaks and an avenue of cherries, as well as places to sit and lie down, this is the perfect place to enjoy the most beautiful forest bathing. Over 150 climatic trees consisting of deciduous and coniferous shrubs, approx. 3,000 flowering and bee shrubs, 300 roses, approx. 20,000 flowering perennials and grasses, 30,000 bulbous plants such as daffodils, tulips, etc., 15,000 m² of colorful flower meadows and evergreen fragrant cypress hedges transform the garden into a paradise from March to October.

From November to Christmas, fairy lights and decorations make the whole complex shine in the magic of the Advent season.

And right in the "neighborhood" you will find the Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten. The 50 theme gardens on an area of more than 60,000 m² invite you to marvel. Recharge your batteries in the circle of life, climb the world's largest herb spiral, get to know our alpacas, kangaroos, goats and ponies and fortify yourself in the garden restaurant Glas.Haus. And the best thing about it - for our chalet guests the daily entrance to discovery gardens with a value of Euro 12,50 per person is included in your stay, also on the days of arrival and departure.  

Forget everyday life and awaken your senses with the scent of flowers and hedges, the far view up to the Ötscher mountain, the warm water on your skin, the taste of different fruits and listen to the birdsong.  


From dream to vision 

ABout us 


Gardener Reinhard Kittenberger has created a new holiday experience in Schiltern near Langenlois (Lower Austria).He invested 7 million euros in an area of around 30,000 m² and creates a 3,400 m² garden lake, 20 chalets and a paradisiacal overall concept.


Adventure gardener Reinhard Kittenberger has long dreamed of making his very personal lifestyle even more tangible for his guests. "EXPERIENCING the garden," he emphasises time and again, "is the greatest happiness you can feel. In harmony with nature with a lot of respect for and for each other." Idyllically situated at the back of the Schilterner Laaberg with a fantastic view, he is thus fulfilling a long-cherished wish. When building the chalets, he favours ecological materials and processes that are as natural as possible - just like in his Erlebnisgärten: Wood, natural lime, green roofs and walls play a major role here.


For Reinhard Kittenberger, the feeling of living and holidaying plays the main role in this project. Four different chalet-types, from the Winzerstöckl to the spacious Country House, invite you to enjoy a very special holiday experience. True to the motto "What the garden breathes out, we breathe in", the focus is on the interweaving of people with nature. The highlight of each accommodation unit is the private, themed garden. Whether the guest wants to lend a hand in the vegetable garden, spend the evening by the crackling campfire in their own fireplace or relax in a garden designed according to Feng Shui. Nature should be tasted, smelled, savoured, touched, shaped, experienced and perceived.


At the centre of the complex is the large garden lake, which can be accessed separately from each garden. With its closed ecosystem, it provides wonderful refreshment in a natural way and is also a wonderful habitat for dragonflies, butterflies and other beneficial insects.


Logo Europäische Union Investitionen in Wachstum & Beschäftigung Österreich

Ziel des Projektes ist die Aufwertung des touristischen Angebotes, die Schaffung neuer Arbeitsplätze, die Stärkung lokaler Unternehmen und Steigerung der Nächtigungszahlen in der Region. Dieses Projekt wird dankenswerterweise aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung kofinanziert. Nähere Informationen zu IWB/EFRE finden Sie auf www.efre.gv.at.

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